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What is Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)?

Minor tooth movement (MTM)refers to slight movements of one or more teeth using tooth aligners or straighteners. Your dentist plans simple movements of your teeth ranging a millimeter or two, to close a small gap between front teeth.

What are the Indications for Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)?

Minor tooth movement (MTM) is recommended for people who have minor gaps between their teeth, or the teeth are not in proper alignment. It is opted by people who want to improve their facial aesthetics and have a better improve their smile.

What are the Appliances Used for Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)?

Your dentist can perform a minor tooth movementMTM using different dental straighteners and aligners available in the market. The different various options may include:

  • Orthodontic braces or simply braces: These are the conventional teeth aligning devices. In this treatment, small metallic blocks are bonded to your teeth through which tiny wires are inserted and tightened to fit the misaligned teeth. The wires fastened to the metal block move the teeth gradually as per the desired level.
  • Removable orthodontic retainers: These are small springs or elastic devices that are attached to your teeth to facilitate minor tooth movement.
  • Clear retainers – These are custom-made for your bite to align your teeth. For this, your dentist may use blueprints developed from the computer software.
  • Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)clear aligner: This is a type of clear aligner. It is a clear tray-shaped aligner which is placed for a certain period of time during the day. It is invisible, more comfortable, and easy to use. It can be removed whenever necessary. However, it is expensive compared to traditional braces.

How to Prepare for a Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)?

You need to call or visit your dentist to book an appointment for the MTM procedure. Before that, you will be subjected to a thorough dental examination.

  • You will be informed to keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing properly.
  • Dental X-rays or a tooth impression may be taken depending on the requirement.
  • If your doctor intends to take a dental impression, you will be asked to rinse your mouth before taking the impression.
  • Avoid eating sugary, sticky, and starchy food items.

What is the Procedure for Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)?

To perform a minor tooth movement, your doctor will place the retainer or aligner in your mouth. If it’s a removable one, you will be given specific instructions as to how to remove it, and how often you need to repeat the same. If it’s a metallic brace, it will be fixed on your teeth at the dentist’s clinic. However, you will be called for subsequent visits to adjust your braces and determine whether your teeth have moved as per the desired level.

The teeth will come in shape within a few months. However, it may take a little longer if your dentist desires more movement.

How Long Does One Need to Wear or Keep the MTM Aligners?

To get the best results, you are advised to keep your aligners on your teeth for the maximum part of the day except when you eat, drink hot liquids, or clean your teeth which includes brush and floss.

What are the Advantages and Benefits of Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)?

Minor tooth movement improves your aesthetic appeal and boosts your self-confidence. It helps align crooked or misaligned teeth and hide small gaps between your teeth. Other benefits of MTM treatment include:

  • It reduces tooth decay and injury
  • Safeguards you against gum diseases

Your dentist may recommend treating any pre-existing dental conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, or plaque before you undergo aMTMtreatment to prevent worsening of the existing dental problem.

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